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How did Goh Tong get started?

How did Goh Tong get started? In his My Story memoir we find that he met PM Tunku Abdul Rahman first to fulfill his ambition in Mohd Noah Omar’s middle ground. (Noah Omar is the grandfather of Najib Tun Razak and Hishammuddin Tun Hussein. Tun Razak and Tun Hussein are both sons-in-law of Noah Omar)

Goh Tong described the concept of development on Mount Ulu Kali as a holiday center. Perhaps Goh Tong already knew Tunku’s desire to develop the area and he wisely took the opportunity.

“It was a friendly meeting,” he wrote in the memoir. “But the project could not be implemented by the government due to time and financial factors, let alone the political conditions of that time.

Lim Goh Tong Founder Genting Casino Malaysia

Lim Goh Tong Founder Genting Casino Malaysia

Former Gambling Millionaire Lim Goh Tong, Founder of Genting Casino

How can Goh Tong kiss the will of Tunku who wants to develop the area? Has it become common knowledge among Chinese elites that Tunku likes playing and gambling?

Lee Kuan Yew in his memoir once wrote about Tunku’s favorite playing guitar. While playing catch-up, Kuan Yew will try to negotiate a few of the politics that benefit her.

Is this also used by Goh Tong? Did he hear from certain parties that Tunku had intended to develop the area before? He said “Based on a preliminary study done by JKR, the road took 15 years to complete. Tunku expressed financial difficulties as the country was confronting Indonesia. political issues.

Tan Sri Noah Omar

“To prevent this from happening, the government feels that it is better for the private sector to submit the project.

“In Tunku’s opinion the offer was timely. Tunku asked me to prepare a proposal paper so he could review it. Within a week I was able to prepare the paper and submit it to him. He was happy to read it and agreed to continue the project,” he wrote. Goh Tong again.

Goh Tong and Mohd Noah subsequently established Genting Highlands Sdn Bhd in April 1965. Between 1965 and 1970, they applied to Pahang and Selangor for several hectares of freehold land. Goh Tong wrote “With the support of Tunku, Pahang has approved the application. But we have a problem with Selangor. Datuk Harun Idris (Menteri Besar) is willing to give the land in respect of the 99 year lease. .

“I say Genting Sempah is a rural area. It takes 30 to 40 years and huge investments to build roads, hotels, worker strongers and provide water infrastructure, electricity and other facilities there. If Selangor were to give 99 years of lease, we would have to submit it to the government as soon as the development is complete.

“I emphasize that if Selangor does not comply with our application for freehold, I have no choice but to develop land located in Pahang at its border which will cause Pahang to have another resort. I explained to him that there are already many vacation centers in Pahang. such as Cameron Highlands, Fraser’s Hill and the beaches facing the South China Sea.

“Selangor, on the other hand, is proud only of the muddy Morib beach. Once Genting Highland Trusted Casino Malaysia is added to the list of Pahang state holiday centers, Selangor will be far behind in tourist attractions.

“Dato ‘Harun finally agreed and proposed to the State Government to grant freehold status to the land we were applying for. On March 31, 1969, Tunku was invited to lay the first stone of the hotel, Highlands Hotel (now Theme Park Hotel).

“In his speech, Tunku was proud that I built a resort without government assistance and at the same time provided a great service to the tourism industry. To accelerate tourism development in the area, Tunku said the government would consider allowing casino activities.”

The case of Goh Tong asking for land to be developed for Tunku may be similar to Yap Ah Loy’s case asking for land from the Sultan of Selangor during the era of the Civil War in Klang. The Sultan eventually gave the land to the Chinese elite on lease.

The proposed land forms the Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur which is the capital city today. In the years (1965â € “1970) Goh Tong worked for Pahangâ €“ Selangor freehold land, Tunku faced a crisis in his own cabinet.

Maybe in the year of the condemnation of the talk Tunku like to provide assistance to the Chinese elite that ultimately did not bring a lot of advantage over the Malays themselves. Tunku’s attitude was one of the factors that led to the May 13, 1969 eruption, an era in which Goh Tong gained his foothold on Mount Ulu Kali or Genting.

Goh Tong started opening the casino

“… as Tunku declares the government is ready to grant casino licenses, I have to visit Macau and South Korea to study casino management there. We researched books and learned from them. I would like to explore possible opportunities for inviting casinos to try -With a casino in Genting.

“I was with a maid arriving in Hong Kong on April 20, 1969 on her way to Macau to meet Stanley Ho who owns a casino in Macau. I expressed my wish to visit her. She greeted her with a smile without any commitment. I understand the meaning of her smile. Since we haven’t got a casino license yet, how do we talk about cooperation? So, I plan that as soon as I return to Malaysia, I will apply for a casino license.

“On April 28, 1969, on the day I returned to Kuala Lumpur, I submitted my application for a government license through a Tunku personal assistant. Fortunately, the cabinet meeting took place in the afternoon and my application was brought to the discussion. The cabinet approved my application, just six hours after the application was submitted, and I was told to obtain the letter of approval, so Genting Highlands became the first and only casino licensee in the country.

“As soon as the approval was obtained, I telegraphed the good news and sent the relevant document to Stanley Ho. Two weeks later I flew to Hong Kong to see him to see the possible joint venture. He said I was the fastest man in the world to get a casino license, but due to some problems we couldn’t agree to work together.

“Later, I worked with Chong Tat Wong, a sole proprietor in Seoul. We signed a three-year joint venture agreement in 1971, allowing him to help manage the Genting casino. After nine months of working together we ended the deal. and through our efforts we were able to acquire the skills of managing a casino.


Thus we Leave Goh Tong experience here so we can make an accurate assessment of initial efforts towards eradicating the practice of gambling among Malay Muslims first, before we attempt to curb gambling continuous and comprehensive.

First, we see gambling habit is hard to eradicate because it is closely tied to the habit of Malay leaders ‘endowed’ land to build the premier gambling center in the region. In fact, gambling madness existed long before Genting existed. Kings, nobles and people flocked to the chickens and ran these cattle and were addicted to the threshold of independence.

16 high quality cows will be brought from Kelantan to Kuala Lumpur in a few days to take part in the ‘Cow Festival’ as part of the celebration on Independence Day on August 31. “The game of ‘Cow Games’ is very popular in the state but the government has banned the game for the past few years”. – (Daily News, July 27, 1957).

The Cow Games will be held for three days in Kuala Lumpur in celebration of independence. Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Mr Abdul Aziz Ishak warned “people who come especially the members of the meeting should not wear red.”

Sheikh Ahmad bin Mohamed, Perlis Alliance, in protesting the amendments forwarded by the Minister of Agriculture, among others, said that the cow-playing game was “a dead game and that is not to be revived. I strongly oppose the amendments that allowed the cow-fighting. ”

Encik Nik Hassan Yahya of the Kelantan Alliance, while objecting to the amendment, said “the action suggested by the Minister of Agriculture was a bad thing; in Kelantan, Cattle Games were banned for encouraging gambling.

Ungku Muhsein, of the Terengganu Alliance, who also objected, said, “I am not against the game, but I am against the consequences, gambling.”

Mr Abdul Ghafar Baba, of the Melaka Alliance, approved the amendment to the Minister of Agriculture and his intention to hold a Cow Games was “in violation of the duties given to him by the people. – (Daily News, August 16, 1957)